English Aims and Objectives

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Aims and objectives

The aim of English in years 7 to 10 is to enable students

 to use, understand, appreciate, reflect on, and enjoy the

English language in a variety of texts and shapes the

meaning in ways that are imaginative,

interpretive, critical and powerful.


Skills, Knowledge And Understanding

Through responding to and composing a wide range of text

in context and through close study of texts, students will

develop skills, knowledge understanding in order to:

Speak, listen, read, write, view, and represent use of 

language and communicate appropriately and effectively.

Think in ways that are imaginative, interpretive and critical. 

Express themselves and their relationships with others and the world.

learn and reflect on their learning through their study 


Students will value and appreciate:

The importance of English language as a key to learning.

The power of language to explore and express views of themselves, others and the world.

The power of effective communication using the language modes of speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing.

The role of language in the developing positive interaction and cooperation with others.

The aesthetics of language through literary and other text.

The independence gained from thinking imaginatively, interpretively and critically.

The power of language to express the personal, social, cultural, ethical, moral, spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of human experience.