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Text types in English

There two types of category of text types which students must be competent in using-Literary text types and factual text types. Every text type has structural and language features. An outline is provided below:

Text Type


Structural Features

Language Features


To entertain, amuse or instruct Orientation complication series of events coda Noun groups to describe characters and settings time words     Action verbs


To classify and/or describe General statement Description Technical language, simple present tense, Generalised Terms


To retell a  series of events Orientation sequence of events Descriptive language, past tense, Time words to connect events, Words which tell us where, when, with whom, how


To instruct someone how to do something Goal material or equipment steps Verbs usually at the beginning of each instruction Words or groups of words which tell us how, when, where, with whom 


To explain how or why something occurs Phenomenon identification Explanation sequence Technical language Use of words such as because, as a result, to establish cause and effect sequences


To persuade by arguing one side of an issue Thesis        Arguments Reinforcement of thesis Words that qualify, eg usually, probably Words that link arguments eg firstly, on the other hand


 to respond to an artistic work Context of artistic work          Description of artistic work Judgement Words which express judgements  Descriptive language